How does the ordering process work?

Pick your:

  1. Size
  2. Window & Door placement
  3. Wall, trim, roof shingle colors

  4. Decide “Can my building be delivered in one piece or must I have it build on site?”- See “Site Requirement” for proper measuring

  5. Place order by stopping by our location or over the phone. We ask for a deposit of 40% down, paid by check, credit card (3%fee added for credit card), or cash and the final balance paid on delivery.

  6. Make sure you have everything ready for your new building, access, site, etc.

  7. About 3-4 weeks after ordering delivery can be scheduled.

  8. Delivery of your new building!

How long does it take to get a building once I order it?

That depends on a couple of things. If you purchase a building on our lot you can get it as soon as the next day normally. If you custom order a shed, depending on the time of year build time ranges between 4-8 weeks.

Can you build a shed onsite?

Yes. If there is not access to bring the shed in one piece we can build the shed on your property for an additional charge.

Why are onsite buildings more expensive?

Because we can set up a production line in the shop, we can build sheds there more efficiently and therefore more cheaply. Building onsite takes longer, so our labor costs are higher.

Do I need a permit?

That depends on size, location, and your specific town.

What kind of site prep is required?

Please see our site requirements page.

How does Rent to own work?

How rent-to-own works is:

  1. You design your perfect shed, pool house, garage, etc.

  2. Go through the BLI rental application process

  3. Place your order

  4. BLI Rentals purchases the building from us.

  5. Wait for your perfect building to be completed

  6. Once your building is completed and delivered, payments are made starting one month after delivery. You make your payments until the building is either paid off (between 24-60 months) or until you no longer need the building and you call us to pick it up.


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