Standard 5/4" Ramp 5' wide by 4' long- $229+tax

Oversized Ramp 6' wide by 5' long- $ 329+Tax



Fiberglass Doors

Single Door- $395+Tax

Double Door- $795+Tax

Prehung Single Door- $695+Tax

Prehung Double Doors- $1,495+Tax



Shelves & Lofts


2'x8'- $210+Tax

3'x8'- $220+Tax

4'x8'- $230+Tax


2'x10'- $230+Tax

3'x10- $245+Tax

4'x10'- $260+Tax





Built on site

Duratemp- 20% more

Vinyl- N/C

Overhang with Fascia- $15 Running Foot

5' Dormer- $1,495

Engineered Vinyl Plank Flooring-$5.99 sqft

Higher Walls- $10 a running foot

May have to be built on site due to transportion restrictions which would be an additonal cost

Architectual Plans (for town permit)- $650

Insulated Floor (R13 foam board)- $4 sqft

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