Clearance around the shed must be at least 2 feet from any fences, trees, etc. Please remove tree branches, brush, or other obstacles 2 feet around perimeter of shed and 12 feet above ground.


Land grade must be less than a 3-inch slope from the highest to lowest point, with no protruding rocks or stumps in the area.


We shim your shed up to 3” off the ground. If visually you do not like the look of your shed raised, YOU MUST HAVE THE AREA LEVELED.


We do not recommend using concrete blocks between the ground and your building. Leveling and spacing is extremely difficult and do not evenly distribute the weight of the building. The building can settle and cause the doors or windows to bind.


Access to the site must be clear; sheds are delivered in pre-fab panels, stairs, narrow walkways, fences, gates, shrubs, carports, awnings, arbors, etc., may present difficulties and should be brought to our attention prior to delivery.


We do NOT remove or move anything in the way of the shed delivery location. If the site is not completely accessible and we are required to bring the shed back there is a $150 re-delivery fee.


We do NOT trim trees or bushes from any site.


If the site is not properly prepped when your shed arrives and the delivery driver choose to wait for site to be finished being prepped an additional fee of $150 will be added to the balance.


The weather is unpredictable. We do deliver if it is raining slightly, however; it is completely up to the delivery driver on whether to make a delivery or reschedule.


Although not required, we highly recommend making a "Stone Pad" for your new structure as there are many benefits to doing so: 


*Provides great drainage


*Maintains levelness of structure


*The floor is supported the whole length of the structure


*Extends life of the structure


*Provides mowing/trimming edge (when timber frame is used)


*Aesthetically looks better, giving it a more finished look


-We have found that 3/4 crushed blue stone works best as it naturally interlocks when compacted.


- Pressure treated 4"x4" , 6"x6", 4"x6" or Landscape ties/timber are a good choice to make the frame of the pad.


-Landscape fabric is placed inside the base frame, followed by 1"-3" of RCA tampered downed and finished with a top layer or 3/4 crushed blue stone tampered down. 


-When building a pad we recommend making it a foot larger on all four sides, for example: if your shed is 8'x12' your stone pad should be 10'x14'.

Crushed stone pad made out of 6"x6" timbers and filled in with 3/4" crushed blue stone.

10'X14 Shed sitting on 12'x16' "Shed Pad"

8'x12' Barn sitting on 10'x14' "Shed Pad" with metal frame

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